Safety and Quality

It's the experience and expertise that makes the difference!

At a2b expeditions we consider that safety and quality are intrinsic. We recognise our responsibility to conduct activities within a solid framework of safety.  We are privileged to employ some of the most highly qualified and experienced instructors in the country that will enhance your outdoor experience with us. 


We identify that managing risk is a life skill and in some circumstances we may actively encourage participants to become engaged in the process of risk assessment at the planning stages, during activity participation, debriefing and reviews.  This process is known as 'Risk Benefit Management' and ensures that all students and teams are well prepared for any activity or expedition that they may undertake.


Quality is measured using key indicators such as participation, enjoyment, skill acquisition, improved confidence and social awareness.  Developmental courses specifically target the growth of life skills through experiential learning.  There is inherently an element of risk in all outdoor activity but it is by managing, and minimising this risk when necessary, that young people learn and develop their own awareness of risk and put strategies in place to minimise this themselves.

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