The schools programme is very important to us as we believe it is our way of having a positive and constructive input into the development of young people. There have been many studies into the value and impact of Outdoor Education on young people and it is something that is difficult to quantify, but something that we feel is an invaluable part of youth development. We offer opportunities to get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, prefect training courses, activity days, field trips and first aid courses.  All of these aim to develop the personal and social skills of the young person.


We can provide one, two or even five day courses planned around your specific requirements and the outcomes you have in mind. It could be a days team building exercise within the school grounds or a five day canoe or trekking expedition in Scotland, the choice really is yours.


In recent years we have been working with Year 5, 6, 7 & 8 students, on a variety of courses. These include trekking in North Wales and the Lake District to developing map skills and environmental awareness, as well as team work and independence.  We have delivered five day canoe trips on the Great Glen along with a summit of Ben Nevis. Winter skills courses are another favourite with Year 12 and 13, who also venture further afield and attempt more committing expeditions, and summit mountains such as Kilimanjaro and Stok Kangri during the summer.


For the aspirant navigators amongst your students, we are a registered provider of the Young navigator Star Award Scheme. This is a navigational skill development award, as laid out by the National Navigation Award Scheme. Check out for further details of course content.

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