A2B Expeditions is able to offer multi day canoe trips on such stunning rivers as the Wye, the Thames, the Severn or even the Great Glen.  The focus is on the holistic idea of personal development, as well as the actual journey itself.  Canoeing is an art in itself, enabling the lucky paddler the opportunity to witness peaceful, unspoilt wilderness as it was meant to be appreciated.


Speed is not of the essence and getting from A to B is not important but how and why you get there is the main focus.All elements of journeying are covered, at a pace suitable to the group. You could chose to learn about building a shelter for the night using your canoe, or making a nice cup of tea using a kelly kettle and an open fire. This is all done keeping the ethos of canoeing and its roots in mind, with a clear focus on maintaining and appreciating the environment you are in.


Team work and communication are all vital parts in ensuring your trip is carried out safely.  We guarantee you will have great fun and create lasting memories.

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